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SEO Marketing Agency Alberton
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SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

Web Design Service Alberton

Creating a well curated and designed presence for your business online:

We pride ourselves on designing websites that are custom developed and allow for complete customization and updates. As your business grows, your website should grow with you.

Our websites include:

>>  Well thought out user journey
>>  Complete brand messaging
>>  Strategised website copy
>>  Innovative, custom website wireframes
>>  Customisable back-end
>>  Full SEO optimisation
>>  Testing and training allowing for easy updates
>>  Integrations into business process

We have experience in designing websites for a wide range of clients, from small business owners, hotels, e-commerce stores, and many international clients.

Proudly considered the best specialist SEO agency in Alberton

SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

Gautengs Leading SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

Online Shop ( E-Commerce Website ) Alberton

Selling your Products and Service Online:

Our passion is creating and maintaining beautiful eCommerce experiences for you and your customers.

By partnering with our web development agency, you will have access to our dedicated team who thrive on understanding the business needs and system architecture of your company and translating those needs into innovative and automated solutions. Our team specializes in WordPress, Shopify Plus development and each team member has undertaken a rigorous training process to ensure they are fully equipped to successfully implement all features the platform has to offer.

We also have a strong focus on developing robust middleware web apps which integrate external platforms into Shopify. If you are looking to build your own feature rich apps, we have the capabilities to develop custom Shopify apps that are ready for the scale and performance a growing business needs. We encourage you to reach out to us and learn about how we approach eCommerce website development to support growing businesses around South Africa.


SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

Online Marketing Services Alberton

Implementing digital marketing strategies that deliver results:

Having an appealing website and design isn’t always enough – it needs to be complemented with exceedingly compelling brand messaging and a strong digital marketing strategy.

We provide the following marketing services:

Content marketing Alberton
Search Engine Optimization Alberton
Strategic Social Media Marketing Alberton

Google ads
We understand that tapping into digital marketing is necessary for any business. We implement unique strategies for your business – no matter the industry or your goal and are ready to assist with all design, web design and development needs.


SEO Marketing Agency Alberton

SEO Marketing Agency Alberton




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Why Us

At Marketing-Gurus, we appreciate the significance of an impactful online presence that creates opportunities. We believe that every business, regardless of its size, should be online.

We see our clients as an extension of our own brand, and as such we are committed to delivering a high-end service, that we are personally proud of.

Our expert team is comprised of the very best in fresh, young talent addicted to the latest in skills and technique in web development, design and digital marketing. We love what we do and are passionate about remaining at the forefront of our industry.

Fast and friendly service is one of our key objectives and part of making our clients happy. We are based in the East Rand of Gauteng, servicing Gauteng and surrounding provinces, with clients as far as Namibia.

Top SEO Marketing Agency Alberton
Alberton Leading SEO Marketing Agency

Our Core Values

KNOWLEDGE: Having a curious mindset and genuine interest in understanding and learning. Always aim to become experts in everything we do.

INNOVATION: Use creative thinking to problem solve and execute complex solutions. Marketing-Gurus focus to challenge our own capability and solutions - not just comparing it to the industry.

CREATIVITY: We want to creating joyful user experiences and interactions with technology. Using both the left and right side of our brains to solve problems.

PARTNERSHIP: Striving to understand each other, our clients and our partners a little better every day. We believe a balanced relationship leads to the best outcome for everyone.

FREEDOM: Working sustainably and efficiently to achieve independence, autonomy and freedom of choice. Through a profitable work place we can have freedom of choice for ourselves and the business.

Why Online Marketing is much more powerful than offline marketing


The reason many businesses have chosen online marketing instead of offline marketing is reduced cost, internet marketing offers cost-effective, flexible and better-managed budget control. The cost of TV ads is huge and you cannot even tell how many people paid attention.

Target Audience: In offline marketing, you have no way to find out if the readers are the right target audience whereas in online marketing if you are using the right keyword, you can find the right target audience.

Tracking: In offline marketing, it is difficult for you to track and analyze how well your campaign is run whereas in online marketing, you can even track everything, including how many people click on the website.

Budgeting: In offline marketing, advertisements are mostly very expensive whereas, for online advertisements, you can set your budget either daily or monthly.
Higher conversion: In offline marketing, customers see your advertisements in the magazine, but they may forget about buying it after they close the magazine, or after they pass by the billboard whereas with online marketing, when customers are searching and your website is showing up in SEO, chances they purchase are very high’

Invest in your Business, Invest in Online Marketing

From Google and Yahoo Search Engines, to Facebook, Twitter and the Complete Big Tech Marketing Universe


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